1 New Song

This is a piano solo I improvised titled “Piano in the Sky.” Enjoy! Click here to listen

2 New Songs!

I released 2 new songs today. Aluminum and I Said. Enjoy! you can listen here

Down This Road Before (New Album 2024)

This is my first album that I released. Here are 10 songs that I put together within the span of a month, some good, some great, some ok. On each song I switch up the sound so it stays interesting and keeps you hooked in. I worked hard making this album, and I hope you […]

2 Songs released a while ago

I released these a while ago, I just didn’t update the site in a while. The two songs are civil reserve (released October 7, 2023) and Wonderful Day (October 9, 2023). Listen to these songs: Civil Reserve: https://share.amuse.io/track/ecstratone-civil-reserve Wonderful Day: https://share.amuse.io/track/ecstratone-wonderful-day

2 New Songs out!

Other Side – Released September 25, 2023 This song is about surviving the tough times and building through the challenges. click here to listen Commotion – Released September 27, 2023 This song is about an escaped dog from a pound. click here to listen Make sure to check out Ecstratone’s Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for […]