Down This Road Before (New Album 2024)

This is my first album that I released. Here are 10 songs that I put together within the span of a month, some good, some great, some ok.

On each song I switch up the sound so it stays interesting and keeps you hooked in. I worked hard making this album, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Let me know what you think, send a DM to me on Instagram @Ecstratone.

Song List

  1. Down This Road Before
  2. When I Hop Off
  3. Skies High
  4. Freezer Suit Jimmy
  5. In The Studio
  6. Have You Heard
  7. Feeling Good Today
  8. Bops
  9. If I Was Real
  10. Never Alone

You can click here to listen to the album or any of its individual songs.

My personal favorite tracks of this Album are Down This Road Before, When I Hop Off, and If I Was Real.